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morning coffee at SkyDancers

Tuesday 15th October


All welcome – kids, husbands and friends. The coffee’s great; CWA friendship’s even better.

For any more information, ring Ayron Teed on 5474 2415

September Newsletter

September Newsletter 2013

Another action packed three days at Lansell Road, Toorak. 

The meeting started with a Candle of Honour for Frank Metzke. He had achieved wonders with simplifying the accounting, and with sorting out the land tax CWA had been paying. The huge amount not only applied to the Lansell Road property, but included about 50% for all the properties held by CWA in the State. The current land tax has been paid, with a refund of $118000 to cover overcharging for the last few years.

I have great admiration for Dorothy Coombe – she reported on her first 100 days as State President – over 2000 emails and 15 disasters – mostly with the Lansell Road property (bits of the roof blew off, hot water pipes leaked, sewerage problems). Dorothy was very good at making sure all the representatives from the Groups were heard. You can all rest assured that any items you want discussed will be.

Now that we are nearing the end of our New Zealand adventure the next destination has been voted on – MONGOLIA. The theme for 2014 is “Challenging Perceptions, Changing Lives”. How about that for food for thought? We can apply it to ourselves to look at things from another point of view; to our branches to try to see what the community thinks of us. You will all come up with ideas before the round of annual meetings, won’t you?

The bid to hold the 2019 ACWW World Conference has been accepted at ACWW in London, a committee formed and a brochure produced. The announcement of the successful application will be made at the World Conference in India. The committee has to prepare a 15 minute segment to promote CWA in Melbourne, Australia.  WhileState President Dorothy Coombe and Vice-president Machelle Crichton are in Chennai, India for the conference the Immediate Past State President Carol Clay will act in the position of State President.

CWA is represented on a lot of State committees. The latest is Carers Victoria. Did you know that if you are caring for someone – helping them to visit the doctor, or just being with them when travelling you are entitled to free travel?
 This service is open to all carers – not just those carers with government assistance. Foodbank Victoria’s representative is our State President, Dorothy Coombe.

THE ROYAL MELBOURNE SHOW is the next big event. Contact CWA on 03 9827 8971 and leave a message for Kaye Kyle if you can help out – volunteers were still needed for the last few days of the show.   
THE CHRISTMAS FAIR on 7th December at Lansell Road would like donations of Christmas cooking etc.  
 THE STATE FAIR on 1st March 2014 is focussing on “Gardening for All Ages”.  All the usual donations of produce, plants, jams, cooking will be welcomed. There will be a stall for good quality second hand gardening books and kids toys.
Plans and programmes are under way for the 2014 State Conference in Geelong , and the next State Creative Arts Exhibition will be in South Morang on 8th and 9th August 2014.

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETINGS – the next big item on our agenda. I have been most impressed by the organisation of CWA. The two year limit for president – of State, Group or Branch means that there is a continual change in the way things are done – but not big changes. These new beginnings every two years really keep the Association alive. The wisdom of having the really hard-working secretaries and treasurers around for longer makes sure CWA doesn’t fall in a heap.
Now is the time to start thinking about next year. All office-bearers are elected for one year. The president may be elected for a second year, but must have a year off before taking office again. The secretary and treasurer may also be elected for a further year – up to a maximum of five years. 
Nominations should be made by branch members and are open until the AGM. This means no nominations or appointments are finalised until the AGM. It would be quite good fun to have a vote or two.   
Any branch executive formed must include ALL the branch office bearers (President, Vice-president, Secretary and Treasurer) and any other members appointed at the AGM. They can prepare the agenda and plan events – but all their decisions must be ratified by the branch.
Now that I have seen just what can be accomplished following the CWA rules and objects at State level, my aim is to see what we can achieve together in the Central Vic Group.  

Please try to send invitations 6 weeks before any event (to me as well as the branches), so that I can add them to a newsletter and try to make sure events don’t overlap.

Tuesday 10th September   9.15 am      Morning tea at Woop Woop with parents of children at the Harcourt Valley
                                                                   Primary School

 Monday 16th September   10am       Heathcote   Perennial Fashions
Sunday 20th October      11am – 3pm   Bridgewater Wool, Wheat and Wine Festival  and CWA promotion
Tuesday 22nd October      12 noon      Inglewood lunch at the Royal Hotel Cafe  Hopefully – a new branch formed!
Wednesday 23rd October 10.30am Lansell Road   ACWW meeting and luncheon .   Book with Lansell Road 9827 8971
                                                              and come with  us on the 8 o’clockish train from Castlemaine
Thursday 24th October    1.30pm      Maryborough           Kaye’s Fashions
Tuesday 19th November  12 noon   White Ribbon Day Luncheon at 3 Lansell Rod, Toorak.       Bookings 9827 8971
Tuesday or Wednesday 28th or 29th January will be our CENTRAL VIC FRIENDSHIP DAY to begin 2014 ay Maryborough.
Saturday December 7th   State Christmas Cooking Fair  at 3 Lansell Rd Toorak.

Castlemaine                    Monday 21st October     6pm
Harcourt                          Thursday  7th November     10.30am
Heathcote                       Wednesday  13th November   12 noon
Newbridge                      Tuesday 19th November     10.30am
Heathcote                                                                    1,30pm
Sutton Grange               Wednesday 20th November    2pm
Dunolly                            Thursday  21st November     10.30am
Maryborough                                                                1.30pm
Havilah                                                                            7pm
Please contact me if these need to be altered.
GROUP CONFERENCE  Thanks to all who helped make my first conference a great day out – not the trial I thought it would be. It was a greater trial for Allison and the Castlemaine Branch to cope with the cateringthanks to those from other branches who helped with trading table and raffle etc.  The speakers were excellent. I thought the venue and the set-up for lunch was terrific and I was really pleased that you all thought we should start the 2014 year with a Group Friendship Day. Thanks to Maryborough Branch for offering to host the day -  
Results -    Door money  to Castlemaine Branch
                   Trading Table    $19.00    to Central Vic Group
                    Raffle                    64.00           
                    CWA Goods         80.50              

The competitions:
        Nut loaf – no fruit, and cooked in a cylinder tin
        Jar of Lemon Butter
        Posy of flowers – no more than 18cm in diameter
The Group Effort for the hospital:        
       Tactile knee rugs – mad of materials that are washable in very hot water.

2014 CWA DIARIES     $7.50   Please post any orders, with a cheque made out to CWA Vic to me at P.O. Box 48, Harcourt as soon as possible. I can then collect them at the ACWW Luncheon in October.

Anything left out I’ll put in next month’s newsletter.
As we say in PNG:   Em tasol.  Or Over and Out.                                     


A Message From Margaret Gaal

Just a reminder about our Group International Day – All Things New Zealand.                  
It is on Monday April 29th at the Newstead Community Centre. Ten for a ten thirty start.
Each branch is requested to bring a casserole, salad and slice, enough to feed the number of members and friends attending from their branch plus three extras. We are hoping for an attendance of approximately fifty on the day. [ Castlemaine is asked to bring French sticks only and Newstead to supply fruit salad and cream only. ]
A display of N.Z. items will be decorating the Centre, so please bring along any you may have. There will be a trading table; so please bring lots of items, by way of craft, produce, baking, books and so on. Let your imagination soar!

After a welcome by Newstead at !0.30 a.m.  we will proceed to Branch volunteers talking briefly on New Zealand. To help me coordinate this, could you please let me know who will be speaking and their topic. Thank you

We will include our A.C.W.W.  “Women Walk the World” at noon; so bring your banners on the day to make our walk down the main street of Newstead a splash of colour.  I will make a banner to place outside the Centre for public information and donation tins. Following the walk we shall partake of our shared lunch.
We have an excellent guest speaker, Helen Bissland, who will talk to us afterwards She has lived on Stewart Island; which, if you check your N.Z. map, is just off the coast of the South Island near Invercargill. She says, she welcomes questions, so have plenty ‘up your sleeve’, as this is a place in N.Z. that will prove to be both unique and fascinating. Afternoon tea will conclude the day.
Last but not least ---- please remember all are welcome; so please bring a friend or family member along with you to share in what will be a most enjoyable day. 

 Kind Regards ,  

 Margaret Gaal
 Group International Officer

Women Walk The World

 Monday April 29, 2013

Join with The Country Women’s Association of Victoria & be part of this worldwide walk – recognizing that girls and women spend hours, everyday, walking to gain the most basic of needs.

for more information visit